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White Papers

The following white papers are currently available. If you have a topic that you would like to see addressed in the a white paper format, please contact RMTrak Support.

Applying RMTrak: Adapting a Requirements Management Process Using RMTRak
Overview: The key to successful requirements management is a process consisting of capturing, modeling, documenting, validating, managing, implementing, and verifying project requirements. RMTrak helps you with this process by speeding up the process and helping your organization to write, edit, and format documentation as you always have.
Bottom-Up Management: Understanding the Benefits of RMTrak's Bottom-Up Management Approach
Overview: Bottom-up management, as opposed to top-down management, allows organizations performing product development to minimize unnecessary rework and keep changes as localized as possible. This ensures the timeliness and success of your organization's product development process.
Making the Business Case for RMTRak
Overview: Using a requirements management tool like RMTrak helps your organization manage complex and changing project requirements. Additionally, RMTrak can help your organization satisfy client needs, comply with certification standards, promote communication, maintain a practical project scope, meet project deadlines, and lower project costs. When you weigh the high cost of requirement errors against the inexpensiveness of RMTrak, your organization can't afford not to have RMTrak.
The RMTrak Tag Filter: Placing Tags Intended for Separate Projects Into the Same Requirements Documents Without Confusion
Overview: RMTrak, by default, imports all of the requirements tagged within a document. If you use documents for more than one project, this could confuse your views and reports with information intended for two separate projects. By adding tags to the tag filter, you can tell RMTrak which tags were specifically intended for a project so RMTrak knows to ignore all others.

How To Write a Custom Report
Overview: This White Paper describes how to write your own custom report using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.

Note: These white papers are available in PDF (Portable Document Format) file. If you don't have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it from the Adobe Acrobat Reader Web site.

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