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Overview of RMTrak

RMTrak is a simple, non-intrusive program that captures, tracks, and manages the project requirements you keep in your requirements documents—without interfering with your document creation process. RMTrak lets you use the tools you're already familiar with to format and edit your documents, including Microsoft Word with its powerful word processing features.
No Need to Adopt New Tools
Too often, adopting new tools forces you to adopt new technologies, processes, supporting tools, and complex licensing systems. Many database-centric tools force you to be connected to a particular server to work with your documents or make you edit them within their suite of products. With these products, if you want to edit project document while traveling or while you're away from the office, you'd be out of luck. RMTrak is a document-centric application designed to work with your existing documents in their existing locations.

RMTrak works with the tools you already have so you can continue to work the way you're used to. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use RMTrak.
"Document-centric" Focus
RMTrak’s document-centric focus lets you use Microsoft Word to easily and efficiently create and edit your documents with one adjustment: adding tags around each requirement listed in your documentation. Because requirements can be tagged in any Microsoft Word style, you can easily make these requirements invisible to uninterested readers.

With RMTrak, the database is secondary to the documents. RMTrak "pulls" the requirements directly from your documents and lets you generate views and reports based on their information. When a requirement changes, you can easily update the reports and views with a click of a button. Because you store all relevant information in the documents, the database is only a dynamic, transitory repository RMTrak uses to generate views and reports.

RMTrak provides ease of use while maintaining the full functionality found in high-end requirements management tools. With RMTrak there's no need to manage separate database applications or to edit your requirements outside of the Microsoft Word environment. This simplifies requirements management and allows new users to be up and running almost immediately.
Requirements Management Tool
RMTrak is a collaborative requirements management tool especially developed to help your company succeed. If you are unfamiliar with collaborative requirements management, Prometeo Technologies can help you. Please explore our site to learn more aout RMTrak's benefits and features. When you're ready to evaluate RMTrak, we provide a free 30-day Evaluation Version you can download.

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